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Secrisa is incorporated in Valladolid (Spain) with the mission of producing high-end glass by exploring state-of-the-art techniques.


The Company focused particularly on the production of acid-printed glass, mainly for the banking industry, although other products, such as curved glass, were also offered. Some of the most significant customers of this period were Argentaria (current BBVA), Banco Popular (current Banco Santander), Athena, BCH, and Banco Santander, although the list was not only comprised of banks and insurance companies, as Secrisa worked also for companies such as Tabacalera, RIU, or Tryp.


A deceleration in the opening of new bank branches pushed Secrisa to switch to the new markets, where we collaborated with top-notch architects in the construction of theatres, stations, museums, and even parliaments. Secrisa stopped the commercialization of acid-printed glass and curved glass and enforced the production of laminated glass, giving birth to Secritex®. During this period Secrisa opened a second factory in Havana (Cuba), with the aim of serving the hotel industry on the island and obtained the UNE-ENISO- 9001:2000 certification, being the first Spanish company operating in the glass manufacturing industry to obtain it.


The Spanish construction bubble burst and Secrisa adapted to the new market conditions by developing new finishings and products, moving to a new production facility, investing in new machinery, and focusing on serving the retail industry. During this period a significant part of our production was destinated to supply The Inditex Group on its expansion worldwide, although we also worked for other customers which operate in the fashion industry, such as Mango or Loewe.


As our contract with the Cuban government reached an end, we discontinued operations in the Caribbean. However, Secrisa continued serving the hotel industry, in this case in Europe, by offering new products better meant for indoor design. During this period, we worked for customers such as NH, RIU, Barceló, Grupo Hotusa, OD Hoteles, Grupo Fiesta, Meliá, Radison, Burguer King.

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